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The Darkling Hunters: Fox Company Alpha

MMF Paranormal Romance Series

For darkling hunters Dex Peterson and Sam Spencer, working for the Darkling Eradication Agency means putting their lives on the line every single day. They’re used to tracking down soulless monsters and burying them in an early grave. But when their new assignment lands them smack in the middle of a darkling turf war, they realize their military experience and government backing won’t be nearly enough to survive the crossfire.

Enter Sydney Carpenter, a bad-ass, no-nonsense, wait-right-there-so-I-can-come-kick-your-ass warrior woman with more than enough experience to take down the darkling horde. She’s saved their bacon more times than they can count, and having her on their team will almost guarantee victory. If this was nothing but a routine mission, the three of them could wipe the floor with these depraved monstrosities and call it a day.

But this is anything but a routine mission. Love, lust, and deadly secrets have the power to destroy even the best-laid plans. For the three of them to survive, they’ll not only have to accept their unspoken need for each other, they’ll have to put it all on the line to save the mission—and their souls. And when Sydney finally reveals a terrifying secret, they’ll have to face the reality that nothing in their world is as it seems.

WARNING: Contains two hardcore Marine soldiers guaranteed to make your panties melt.

COMING SOON - April 30, 2018

The stage is set. The DEA has been exposed as a puppet agency, corrupted by the very darklings it had been created to destroy. The men of Fox Company, enraged by the deceit, are more determined than ever to eliminate the source of the darkling scourge. But without the Agency’s resources or the protection of the government they once served, their options are limited. Their only hope is to join forces with Sydney Carpenter and build up an army strong enough to beat the darkling-maker at his own game. Their first step? Recruit more immortals to join their cause.

Follow the story of two new Fox Company Marines in this second installment of The Darkling Hunters saga!

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